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Road Wisdom - How Travel Can Change Your Life!

It’s another dull and boring day in your life, isn’t it? You’re frustrated. You couldn’t find matching socks, the coffee tastes like boiled tar. You feel dazed and confused. You’re wondering why the hell you even got out of bed.

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Yeah.. It’s official.. You’re in a rut. You’ve gotten so used to your damned routine, that it isn’t even enough to stimulate your brain. You’ve gone braindead. You’re mind-numbingly bored with your life.

Maybe you tried to justify the boredom. Maybe you tried to wish it away, to convince yourself that the boredom is a small price to pay, because you’ve got your bubble. Your comfort zone.

But wait!! They say to make the most of life, you have to step out of your comfort zone.

Your brain is already disagreeing with me. I can tell. Your brain doesn’t like risk. Your brain likes routine, it is warmed by it, as if it were a snuggie that satisfies the brain in its sameness. Risk is bad, risk is dangerous and it should be avoided. Stepping out of the place that makes you feel safe sounds like a big risk with little reward.

But you should try it! Live a little! You’ll be better for it!

“Why would we want to do that? It’s called the comfort zone for a reason.”

Sheldon Cooper

You may be someone who completely agrees with Sheldon, but have you ever considered what you might be missing? The world is full of vibrant people, memorable experiences and stories that will last you a lifetime. But, they don’t come easily, you have to hunt for them.

Okay, bully for you, deep in contemplation about the benefits of abandoning your comfort zone. The wheels are turning, you’re thinking about meeting new people, or adopting a pet, maybe starting a new hobby, or undertaking an ambitious career change. Those are all things that you can attack with gusto.

But you should throw away your safety net and embark on an adventure. Travel is the key to a life-changing adventure. More than that, it will allow you the opportunity to brave a myriad of new experiences. Sights, sounds, smells, foods. New people. New places. All at your fingertips, if you will take a risk and plan a trip!

This may sound a little too idealistic or highly romanticized. But the experiences you will gain from your travels will definitely change you for the better. Comfort Zone Aficionado, Couch Potato Supreme, Glorious Gamer, Social Media Superstar. No matter how you identify yourself, a trip into the unknown will help you break free of your routine and give you a new outlook on life.

You will learn to appreciate other cultures!

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“A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles.”

Tim Cayhill

There are billions of people in the world. Each of them are unique and each of them have stories to tell and experiences to share. The benefit of traveling is that it gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture. When you step out of your little bubble, you’ll see that there are countless people that live their lives differently from you.

You might be scared of the idea of immersing yourself in another culture. But when you demystify the experience and consider that you are really just giving yourself the opportunity to be open to new ideas, new viewpoints and new traditions, it doesn’t seem as daunting.

You will be able to do away with the mindset that one culture is superior to another. At the end of the day, you will realize that despite the differences among cultures, people are yearning for the same thing: love, kindness and perhaps some validation.

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You will learn to adapt!

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“It is not the destination where you end up but the mishaps and memories you create along the way.”

Penelope Riley

Your trip will not go perfectly. Accept that now. Be at peace with it. Gain enlightenment from the idea that there will be mishaps along the way.

The people you meet may not speak the language. The hostel that you have booked may be close to a noisy public market. Your plan to visit the Louvre to gawk at and appreciate Mona Lisa may not go as planned due to the sheer volume of tourists coming in. The weather may not cooperate. Even plans to lie down on the sandy beaches of Phuket and bask in the sun may be derailed.

When you experience all these things, you will be compelled to adapt. You will learn how to find alternatives. More importantly, you will be inspired to make the best out of a given unfavorable situation. But most of all, you’ll make memories and they’ll be memories worth sharing!

You will learn to become more independent!

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“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but having new eyes.”

Marcel Proust

This is an important character trait that you will develop when you travel alone. Being in a foreign place, you will have to take control of your day. You will have to manage your finances wisely to avoid falling short of cash. You will need to plan your itineraries and schedules, so that you will not be left behind by the bus, plane, or train. No family member can readily bail you out of trouble. You will have to become more vigilant of your surroundings.

But do not let worry and paranoia stop you from enjoying yourself. Embrace your new found independence and decide to do the things that you enjoy, so you can live your best life and have a meaningful trip. You won’t have to compromise with anyone, you can take your time when you want to and rush when you feel like it. Embrace the possibilities of making your own travel decisions.

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You will be more open to spontaneity!

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“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”


It is important to have a plan. But you can’t be rigid and inflexible. You have to be open to the world around you and willingly allow yourself to be spontaneous. You have to make some room for spontaneity. Some of the most memorable things happen when you don’t plan them.

If you get lost in the cobbled streets of Morocco, try to explore the neighborhood and the shops. If you’re given the wrong dim sum while you’re enjoying brunch in Hong Kong, don’t get bent out of shape, give it a try, you may find it enjoyable.

You’re looking for new experiences and new adventures to enrich your life, so embrace the possibilities.

You will become much more adventurous!

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“To Travel is to live.”

Hans Christian Anderson

After the trip, you will find that you thirst for more adventures. The crazy memories from your previous vacation will ignite a burning desire to explore more of the world. And that is a good thing. That shows that you have become much more open to new experiences, which will help in broadening your perspective. Lucky for you, there are many places to visit, delectable foods to enjoy and sights to marvel at. The world is not so small, after all.

Don’t Make Excuses!

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“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets”

Oscar Wilde

Don’t let the rut of boredom control your life. Don’t become trapped in the prison of your comfort zone. Embrace the roads well-traveled, because they’re usually well paved and experience life to the fullest! You don’t need to be wealthy to travel somewhere new and experience the world around you. You can start small. All you need is the courage to take a risk!