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Blabberific is more than a funny name, it is a convergence of talented writers, brought together with the goal of creating engaging content. Storytelling has been a part of human culture since our prehistoric ancestors etched their first paintings onto dimly lit cavern walls; aided by nothing more than firelight and a compulsion to tell a good tale.

The urge to tell a good story is still alive and well. But technology has brought change to our society in a way that has erased boundaries. Forty years ago the world seemed bigger than it is today, if you were a writer, an author, or someone who loved to tell stories, it was an arduous process to get your work recognized. You had to impress people, agents and publishing houses that were more concerned with their bottom line, than they were a good story. If you were part of their chosen few, then your work might get published and distributed to voracious readers with an appetite for the written word.

Our world is now a smaller place because of the internet and portable computers that we carry in our pockets. We consume content and stories faster than ever before and media has become the cornerstone of our lives. But even with the deep avenues of connectivity that have helped to shape our world, writers are still stifled and unable to tell the stories that they wish.

If we look to the internet and content on most websites, a huge portion of it is ghostwritten by talented individuals who make a good effort to provide interesting content, without any recognition for their work. They are paid and are able to make a living, but they are not engaged with the writing on a level that makes it important to them.

This isn’t because they lack talent or ambition to tell a good story, it is because they yearn for an audience who will be able to read writing that is theirs; the unfiltered voice of their genuine thoughts.

It is with this thought in mind that was started. To give writers an opportunity to write stories in their genuine voice, to be credited and paid for their work by more than just the recognition of a good job.

Because we know that exposure can’t buy anything, we pay all of our writers to create the content that they want, in the hope that they will find freedom in their writing and rediscover the compulsion to tell a good story. We work with freelance writers from all over the world, because we value the diversity of their writing and the opportunity to collaborate with voices from all walks of life.

Feel free to browse our site for content that is special to you and share it with the people closest to you. The most fundamental way we can embrace our humanity and learn to respect and value the differences between us, is to listen to the stories that are important to them.

What’s in our name? Blabberific is committed to creating terrific content that you can talk about.

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